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Membership Has its Privileges

Becoming an Errl Cup Member (Signing up for our emails) gives you the Chances of Winning a Patient Judges Spot at any of our Errl Cup Event.  

Please select your judging type below and fill out the information requested, you want to be sure to include your best email address and phone number (Winners are only notified by email) so you can be reached if you are chosen to judge.

We only hold spaces for 24 hours before moving to a second round pick. So be sure to use your best contact information. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Please Take Note of the Following:

  • Unsubscribing from our emails removes you from Judges pool.
  • You only need to enter once per category per year, duplicate entries are discarded.
  • A valid ID & VALID AZ MMJ card are required to judge (state is depending upon where Errl Cup Event is located).
  • Be sure to select your preferred Judging category’s carefully. Applying to all will not increase your chances. 
  • If you choose concentrate it includes all forms and various extraction methods/solvents. Only apply if you will try them all.
  • If you choose edibles be prepared to injest sugars, gluten, nuts and more. 
  • If you choose topical’s, the kit only includes rubs, balms and salves. Only apply if you have no skin conditions preventing you from testing the kit. 
  • Vapes in the vape category may contain PG, VG or other addiditives. Do not apply unless you can/will test them all. 
  • Cannabis Derivative category is only for pills, oral sprays and other auxiliary cannabis products.
  • Incomplete Judging and/or abuse of the judging kit or judging system will result in a permanent ban from future judging. 


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