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Cannabis Laws Arizona

Cannabis Laws Arizona With the passing of Prop 203, medical Cannabis patients in Arizona can legally possess two and a half ounces (70 grams) of Cannabis or THC, Bi-monthly. You can visit official AZ MMJ State website Cannabis Laws Arizona: Possession If you are a...

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TravelMag Travel Magazine Phoenix Festivals: Errl Cup

Travel Magazine Phoenix  Travelmag New List of Things to Do in Arizona Thanks for the mention Errl Cup would like to first thank for mention Errl Cup and 710 Degree Cup as festivals and events to do in Arizona. Travelmag article showed the best things to...

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Non Solvent Arizona Top 10 Entries into the 2017 Errl Cup

 Top 10 Non Solvent Arizona Summary We have complied our list of Top 10 Non Solvent Arizona Entries into the 2017 Errl Cup.  We have broken them down from 1 to 10. The combined judges score and testing results was used to determine these results. Non Solvent Arizona?...

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