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Errl Cup 2017

January 14th American Legion in Tempe, AZ Come Celebrate the 2nd Annual Errl Cup in Tempe Arizona

710 Degree Cup

July 8th, 2017 located in Phoenix Arizona. Errl Cup will be secret shopping the dispensaries for concentrates for this event.

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Judges Wanted. Enter to have a chance to be an Errl Cup Judge. Next Judging Event Errl Cup 2017

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Errl Cup

Our focus is Patient Appreciation & Dispensary Accountability
2nd Annual Errl Cup

On Jan. 14th 2017 the 2nd Annual Errl Cup will be held in Tempe Arizona. Come see the vendors, hear the music, inspect the entries and make sure you register to be a Judge. We will be having an Errl Cup Experience Area where you will get live demonstrations of Glass Blowing, Growing, Pressing Clean Medicine, Cooking and our Testing and Entries

  • Admission Free

    MMJ Patients

  • Legal Medicate Event

    No Medicine Sales

  • Education & Entertainment

    Split Between

  • VIP Tickets (Everything but Medicine)

    Less than $50.00


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Arizona is the 4th Largest Market for Cannabis Sales, & Registered Patients

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